Mewaco: Best in Test AHDB

Due to the significant contribution that feed costs make to the overall cost of production, AHDB Pork commissioned an on-farm review aiming to help producers to make more informed decisions about which feeder type is most suitable for their situation. A range of feeders from different manufacturers were installed on a single pig unit to compare wastage and ease of adjustment.

The Verba Mewaco Feeder has reached the highest score in this review. The Verba Mewaco Feeder is easy to adjust, could be adjusted both full or empty, and there is nearly no feed wastage.

The Mewaco feeder is made from a 100% stainless steel trough and frame with a transparent feed bunker. The Mewaco feeder is suitable for use with meal, pellet or crumb. For optimum effectiveness, the drinking trough with stainless steel drinker nipple is completely separate from the feeder part.

The Mewaco comes with a 7-year warranty.

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