VERBA and Ekon 40 years of circular cooperation

For almost 40 years VERBA and Ekon work intense together for a better environment.

The LDPE plastic sheets from Ekon that are used by VERBA for producing pig feeders, are 100% recycled. These PE-sheets are made from caps from soft drink bottles, other plastics or PE-material from the industry. VERBA and Ekon cleaned up ten thousands of tons of plastic in these 40 years this way.

In this movie about the circular cooperation between VERBA and Ekon you can see clearly how the PE-plates arrive at VERBA’s factory, how these plates are processed into pig feeders, how the PE-waste is collected and how Ekon produces new plates from this waste for VERBA. A perfect circular circle.

Ekon, VERBA and the clients of VERBA are working on a better environment this way!

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