Verba Piglet cabin

Verba piglet cabin Sint-Oedenrode, October 2013

Verba has launched a new piglet cabin. It’s comfortable, easy to see into, and labour-saving.

Back and side walls

The back and side walls of the piglet cabin are made of 10 mm recycled white PE. The back wall has a piglet entrance which can be locked with the bolt provided. Observation slits are provided at the front so you can check that the piglets are eating.


The completely transparent, hinged cover is made of 3 mm polycarbonate, reinforced with a well-finished, 304 grade stainless steel beaded profile and with an easy-open handle. The cover stays open automatically: there’s no need to secure it.

Front wall

The completely transparent front wall is made of 6 mm polycarbonate. The front panel is reinforced with a well-finished, 304 grade stainless steel beaded section. The whole front wall is lightweight and easy to remove, so it’s very easy to move piglets, clean the cabin etc.


The floor comes with the famous VERBA floor heating panel as standard. This panel consists of a studded rubber covering and a 12 mm thick, oxygen-resistant PE hose embedded every 50 mm in the top panel. (The Verba piglet cabin is also available without floor heating.)


The rigid 15 cm top panel contains ventilation slits.

Feed trough

A piglet feeder can be fitted in the pig cabin if desired. This is attached to the slotted openings in the sow trough.


The piglet cabin is available in any size and can be supplied both assembled and unassembled. If delivered unassembled, a complete assembly manual with text and clear photographs will be provided.


The standard piglet cabin is suitable for piglets from birth to 25 kg.

Good view

Thanks to the transparent cover and front wall, you can keep a close eye on your piglets quickly and easily. A truly labour-saving piece of kit.

Farrowing pens

For farrowing pens, VERBA supplies a special tongue feeder for sows and piglets made entirely of stainless steel: the KZB, which can be fitted directly on the piglet cabin.


Our pig cabin is designed and made with materials selected with the greatest of care. The result is a modern, easy to use, labour and energy-saving home for your piglets.


The VERBA piglet cabin comes with a three-year warranty on all materials, construction faults and floor heating.


The VERBA piglet cabin is available from approved suppliers of pig shed equipment.

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