Pig feeders: tips for buying

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Are you facing the choice of buying or renovating a new pig stable, but are you in still in doubt regarding the pig feeders or the feeding system? Feel free to fill in our online request for advice. We are happy to share ideas with you about the best feeding system in your stable. The best choice is often certainly not the most expensive one. Profit from our 50 years of experience in the field of piglet covers, piglet cabins, piglet nests, floor heating, drinking troughs, feeders for farrowing piglets, feeders for piglets, feeders for fattening pigs and feeders for sows. We can pretty much answer all of your questions.

Pig feeder: trough, dry feeder or wet feeder?

Which one do I choose and why?

The pig feeders we produce and supply ourselves are all developed for consecutively feeding. Whether it concerns feeders for hogs, feeders for pigs, feeders with integrated drinkers, wet feeders, plateau feeders, variomix wet feeders (automatic feeding systems), farrowing pen feeders or sow feeders for group housing as a replacement of sow feeder stations, they are all meant to feed ad libitum. This means the hogs can calmly eat their food and drink for 24 hours a day. This ensures peace in the pens and does not lead to stress in the pigs which significantly benefits their growth. Peace, purity and regularity is important for pigs, and this is completely in line with Verba pig feeders.

Pig feed types

Which type of feeder or drinker we advise depends on the type of feed the farmer wants to use. We divide the types of pig feed in 5 categories. Pellets, crumb, meal, meal mixed with 35% CCM and/or wheat/barley and pulp. Furthermore, it is of course important whether it concerns farrowing piglets, piglets, fattening pigs, gilts or sows. Not every automatic pig feeder is suitable for meal and not every feeder is suitable for granulat. There is a big difference. For each pig, in each stage of life and for every kind of feed we have a suitable pig feeder with matching drinkers. Because of these many combinations we can say we have the largest assortment of automatic feeders in the world. For each situation, we provide a right solution.

Number of pigs

Besides the type of pig and the type of feed, the group size of the pigs plays an important role. For every feeder on our website we mentioned what the ideal number of pigs per feeder is. Per country, legislation or farmer the number of pigs per feed place may differ, but after 50 years we know that the numbers per feeder we mention on our website give the best results.

Simultaneous food provision

In case of simultaneous food provision, for example with wet feed or slop feeding for pigs, we can also make a stainless steel pig trough. In our own factory, we make inox pig troughs of high quality with an indestructible stainless steel beaded edge on the front which is extremely stable and perfectly closed. This prevents the slop feed from getting in. In short, there is almost no piggery situation in which we cannot provide you with a hog feeding system.

Automatic feeder: don’t waste your pigs feed

Our hogs and pigs feeders are in principle all automatic feeders. With a feeding machine all pig feeders are easy to fill and the hogs simply dose their own food out through the day. Verba always paid a lot of attention to the animal friendliness and pig welfare of the pig feeders. The feeders have been polished with extra care so that the pigs will absolutely not hurt themselves on sharp parts and will not get any wounds, and ear tags won’t get stuck. This is a very important basis to prevent infections and decrease the use of medicine or possible antibiotics.

Feed spillage

Besides that, we pay a lot of attention to the counteracting of feed spillage. Almost every trough has ingenious anti spillage edges on the front or on the side to prevent feed spillage. This way, no feed will fall into the manure pit and you will get the best feed conversion ratio / FCR. This saves you costs and reduces your carbon footprint.

All of our feeders can be fine-tuned easily and very precisely. It’s impossible for the pigs to adjust the feeders themselves, so if the feeders are set up, the pig will do the work itself and you will rarely have to adjust the feeders again. The adjustments are very easy and fast to handle which will work cost-saving on the labor. Our advice is to not adjust the feeders too loosely. After all, the pigs can eat all day and do this in peace. It is good that they unnoticeably have to work for the food a little. Because the pig will unnoticeably push their head against the clapper or because there will be a portion of food in front of them, the use of the feeders can mimic the scraping of pigs in nature. This will benefit the feed intake and the feed conversion ratio FCR enormously. In the pig feeder itself or nearby the feeder we advise always having a drinking nipple with drinking trough for fresh water. When a pig can also drink fresh water during eating, the food intake is better because they will eat more pleasantly. Furthermore, the pig feed will be taken up more easily while the pig can stay in the feeding place instead of having to walk away to drink.

Color and incidence of light: benefits

Lastly, the color of the feeder inner side is important. All of our troughs are white or made from inox on the inside. Because of this there is a large incidence of light which has a lot of advantages compared to dark or black feeders. Firstly, hogs will see the food more clear. Besides that, pigs do not like to stick their head into a dark part, for a pig is a flight animal. A light-colored feeder invites faster. Moreover, our troughs are open as much as possible, because seeing eating makes eating. This also applies to feeders, seeing drinking makes drinking. That is why the duo drinkers which can be built in the partition wall, aside from dry feeders for pigs and fattening pigs, are so popular. The pigs watch each other drink.

Lastly, a light feeder will benefit the hygiene in the pig stable. When a feeder is dark or black, it will be harder for the pig keeper to see whether the feeder is dirty or if there is food caking somewhere. It will also offer more advantages during spraying the pigsty clean because it is easier to see whether something is clean or dirty. This will save a lot of time in labor and thus saves costs.

Used pig troughs? Why we don’t recommend this

For 50 years, we have been making, developing and supplying professional feeders daily for pigs, hogs, and sows with a high ease of use. The development of feeders never stops. After all, situations always change, just as the requirements placed on it and farmers also have a lot of good ideas based on practice. When a question of remark is mentioned multiple times, or if a legitimate complaint occurs often, we adapt our product directly and modify our feeder assortment. The feeders as they are now, are different than the feeders that are a few years old. This is not always visible, but can be seen in the details like the edges, adjustments, or thickness of the used material. These details determine the difference between a average or the best pig feeder. This is also often the difference in our feeders compared to our competitors. When you are faced with the choice always pay attention to these important requirements like good finish of the spill edges and adjustments. But also pay attention to the weight of the pig feeder. Often, our feeders are a lot heavier than those of competitive pig feeder manufacturers. This difference is caused by the quantity and the heaviness of the stainless steel and plastic that we use, and they determine the lifespan of the feeders and the high quality we guarantee.

Daily investments in pigs feed

For a capital of pig feed goes through a pig feeder on an annual basis. Pigs feed is by far the largest cost item of a pig farmer. By restraining these costs daily with the best pig feeders and by choosing a feeder that will last a long time, the feeder pays for itself in a short time and reduces the carbon footprint. No spillage of feed, the right feed conversion ratio / FCR and no feed in the slurry pit lead to the lowest fixed costs that recur in the piggery daily. We dare to say that the right feeder in the pen is one of the best and most important investment to make. You should not cut back on this. If you come across used pig troughs or pig feeders for sale, think carefully about what you choose. Buy for instance a new pig feeder at Verba as a trial and compare this with a used pig feeder or a feeder from a different brand. You will be convinced quickly.

Pigsty design

Besides producing pig feeders and drinkers we also provide professional piglet covers, piglet cabins and heating elements for the farrowing pen. For these farrowing products as well, we choose only the best European materials. For the piglet covers for instance, we use UV resistant plexiglass plates that don’t yellow and also tear less easily. This combined with a stainless steel frame makes for the best construction available. We also make piglet covers in HDPE 10 mm plates. For floor heating elements for pigs we use indestructible plastic plates with an excellent grip which are very wear resistant. Often these heating plates are used for renovation of the farrowing pens because the existing plates are leaking or because the top layer is worn out. 75% of our hot water hose in our heating plates has been tightly put into the top layer and does not touch the bottom plate. Because of this stationary air insulation, the plate isolates itself which makes isolation of the bottom plate completely unnecessary. The floor heating hose and connectors we use are completely oxygen-tight and diffusion proof which prevents incoming air from counteracting the heating of the beds. The floor heaters, piglet covers and piglet cabins come in fixed sizes, but we can also make different sizes or shapes in our own factory in the Netherlands.

A-quality, made in Western Europe

For our pig feeders, floor heatering elements and piglet cabins we use high-quality pigsty equipment which is made mostly with our molds in Western Europe. Verba has an online web shop where most of these articles, like drinking nipples and star knobs, are sold for pigsty design as a spare part or replacement of an existing part. With this web shop, we like to let you profit from our favorable prices which we have because we process these pigsty accessories with A-quality in large quantities each year in our pigsty products. You can easily order these parts online and they will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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