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The VERBA Pigletfeeder is a very accessible pig feeder for nursery piglets that’s easy to attach to the partitioning wall between two farrowing pens. The Piglet feeder also comes with a horizontal U profile (standard 35 mm internal) a transparent feed hopper and a stainless steel feeding tough.

The Piglet feeder is also available with a removable stainless steel trough. The feeding trough is simple to remove and clean. The Piglet feeder must be attached to the wall and floor using mounting brackets.

Guarantee: 7 Years on construction- and material faults.

  • A very easy to access dryfeeder for nursery piglets
  • Much less spilled feed than with conventional piglet bowls
  • Can be built into partition
  • Requires half the floor surface area compared with conventional piglet bowls
  • Large storage bunker
  • White transparent feed bunker, assess feed content from a distance
  • Trough manufactured from high quality type 304 stainless steel
  • Accurately adjustable feed ration
  • Easy piglet transition from sows milk to solid feed
  • Watertight trough to feed liquid products
  • Pigletfeeder with removable trough: trough is easy to clean after feeding liquid products
  • Mewaco farrowing: all the advantages of the Pigletfeeder with 18 liter storage bunker and separate drinking trough

K-series dry feeder:

The VERBA K-series dry feeders are ideal for all types of piglet feed. The feeder is specially designed for animals weighing between 5 and 20 kg. The low trough makes it easy for young animals to learn how to eat. Combined with the Verba Duo Drinker, a K-series feeder is the ideal solution for your farrowing shed.



K150 Feeder farrowing piglets
K250 pig feeder farrowing piglets
K350 Hog Feeder farrowing piglets
K450 Feeder farrowing piglets
Mewaco Feeder farrowing piglets
Piglet Feeder farrowing piglets
Piglet Feeder Single Hog Feeder farrowing piglet
Special Pigletfeeder 70 Centimeter Hog Feeder farrowing piglets
Piglet Feeder Removable trough farrowing piglets
HB26 Hog Feeder farrowing piglets

Detail Pictures

K250 adjustment pig feeder
Mewaco trough feeder
Pigletfeeder Project Van Thilo / Vereijken Hooijer B.V.
Pigletfeeder trough
Piglet Feeder adjustment feeder
Piglet Feeder Single
Mewaco Kraamhok / Vereijken Hooijer
Pigletfeeder square trough / Vereijken Hooijer
Pigletfeeders en Well-Nest piglet cabin Project Schellekens Dreumel via Van Osch Uden
Pigletfeeder Van Osch Uden/ Project Van den Akker
KZB en Pigletfeeder Project Varkenshoff/Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen
KZB en Pigletfeeder Project Varkenshoff/Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen
Pigletfeeder pigletcover geleverd via onze dealer Van Osch Uden/Project Lelystad
Well nest piglet cabin met Pigletfeeder
Pigletfeeder via Van Osch Uden project Van Beek Lelystad
Pigletfeeder via Van Osch Uden project Van Beek Lelystad
Pigletfeeder via Van Osch Uden project Van Beek Lelystad
Removed trough
Pigletfeeder feeder for farrowing crate


Type Model Food Type Volume Dimensions Animal Amount Animal Weight Mangers Nipples Order Number
K150 Single a - b - c - d 7 180 x 250 x 500, 6KG 5 5 -20 kg. 1 0 A00-1161
K250 Single a - b - c - d 10 250 x 250 x 500, 7KG 10 5 -20 kg. 2 0 A00-1163
K350 Single a - b - c - d 21 500 x 250 x 500, 10KG 12 5 -20 kg. 3 0 A00-1165
K450 Single a - b - c - d 21 500 x 250 x 500, 11KG 12 5 -20 kg. 4 0 A00-1167
HB26 Single a - b - c - d - e 1 245 x 140 x 500 12 5 -20 kg. 1 0 A00-0500
Pigletfeeder single Single a - b - c 4 130 x 350 x 500, 3KG 1 x 15 5 - 20 kg. 1 x 2 0 A00-0458
Pigletfeeder Removable trough Double a - b - c 10 240 x 240 500, 3KG 2 x 15 5 - 20kg. 2 x 2 0 A00-0462
Pigletfeeder Double a - b - c 10 240 x 240 x 500, 3KG 2 x 15 5 -20 kg. 2 x 2 0 A00-0459
Mewaco Farrowing piglets Double b - c - d 18 365 x 250 x 790, 9KG 2 x 15 5 -20 kg. 2 x 2 1 A00-4120

The number of animals specified for each feed dispenser is an indication only and can depend on genetics, feed type, mineral regulations, legislation etc.

Food Type: A Pellet
Food Type: B Crumb
Food Type: C Meal
Food Type: D Meal mixed with max. 35% CCM and/or wheat, barley
Food Type: E Pulp

We are continuously improving our products, so designs are subject to change without notice and may differ from those shown or described in this brochure, photograph or text.

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